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Future Strategy


Bionorm has finished many projects up to date and the company’s foundation principle is working continuously on new projects; to design and develop new applications, products, process and analytical methods. With this principle the R&D team cooperates on many projects with different organizations such as the Technology and Innovation Support Programs Department and The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Government. Our current projects include; development of efficient extraction and purification processes, upgrading the purity of the active natural products, new product development as active ingredients for healthy living, immune-system boosters/adjuvants and telomerase activators.

Research And Development


Bionorm uses all its sources for analysis and experimentation and hence it is a firm devoted to Research and Development. In order achieve this goal, Bionorm researches and focuses on innovation every step of the process, from field to production.

Know-How Through Research


Bionorm R&D team gets involved in all steps of product development, from the creation of a new project to obtaining a target compound in its purest form.

Bionorm is in constant contact with academicians and industry representatives to find out what is new and needed in the market for development and initiation of joint projects to appraise natural sources. In our multidisciplinary platform, the R&D team creates ideas and finds solutions for high-value added product development in parallel with the demands from our customers.

Applying innovation to the production process

Tailor-made Projects


As a believer in innovation and customized needs Bionorm has the industrial experience in natural products to turn ideas into reality. At Bionorm our strategy is to develop very efficient processes for the large-scale production of high value-added natural products. Based on the extensive expertise and wide knowhow of our R&D team, we are confident enough to handle new and challenging projects competently. We are capable of producing bulk plant extracts and enriched fractions, extracting active ingredients from natural sources, isolating up to 99% purity and producing reference chemicals for analytical studies.


Bionorm designs and co-operates with equipment manufacturers specifically built for the company’s processes. In addition to this, the company has been using this knowledge and experience to prepare process designs, equipment designs for companies who are in the natural products market and finally the company can deliver a turn-key project.

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